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American Muslim Satellite & Cable TV: Bridges TV Grows 9/9/07 Bridges TV has been around for a few years, but has grown to new regions nationally.  Showing the perspective of Muslim Americans in America.  Website>>>

New Muslim Satellite TV Station Ahlulbayt TV goes on air internationally via satellite and is available online.  Watch>>>

Iranian-American Muslim Satellite TV Station! Salaam TV based out of Los Angeles, CA provides English and Persian broadcasting educating about Islam and Muslims in America. [Live Streaming Video] Watch More Islamic Satellite TV Channels live online!

Khosrow Bayegan Semnani: Lifetime Achievement Recognition Khosrow Bayegan Semnani has been an outstanding and successful member of the Iranian-American and Muslim community in Utah.  [Read More]

Coffee - The Wine of Islam Most modern coffee-drinkers are probably unaware of coffee's heritage in the Sufi orders of Southern Arabia. Members of the Shadhiliyya order are said to have spread coffee-drinking throughout the Islamic world sometime between the 13th and 15th centuries CE. [Read More]


Medieval Muslims Credited For Amazing Math Inventions Harvard and Princeton researchers stated recently in the Science Journal, that magnificently sophisticated geometrical patterns in medieval Islamic architecture show that the designers who created them had achieved a mathematical breakthrough that the West would not reach for five centuries. [Read More]


Islam Flourishing Among African-Americans Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the United States, particularly among African Americans, who are undeterred by the government’s increased scrutiny of Muslims since the September 11, 2001 attacks, according to a Reuters article. [Read More]


Open letter to AIPAC on war with Iran Decisive actions of the past, such as the destruction of Iraq's Osirak reactor in 1981, are not replicable in today's world, and have no chance of making Israel safer. [Read More]


The Redirection Is the Administration's new policy benefitting our enemies in the war on terrorism? by Seymour M. Hersh [Read More]


Nomenclature of Deception  by I'jāz ibn Iftikhār.  Interesting article by local Utah author addresses the lies against Islam via the media in the form of deceptive terminologies.

[Read Article]


Video: "Advice To Muslims" by Imam Hamza Yusuf Hanson of The Zaytuna Institute discusses his advice to Muslims. [Watch Video]


Movie: "Saladin" in Arabic with English subtitles.  This is an older movie made in Arabic, however it is a great example of the Muslim point of view of the Crusades and the use of "Futuwa" or Islamic Chivalry in practice. [part 1][part 2]


The History of Wahabism The History of Wahabism and it's modern manifestations. 

[Read More]

Jermaine Jackson, is now called Muhammad Abdul Aziz. He talks About Finding Peace and contentment through Islam. He talks about his feelings for being a Muslim and also expresses his desire for his... [Read More]

Videos of Westerners Who Have Embraced Islam Popular website which features people turning to Islam.

Extremism in Religion "As Muslims we are supporters of love, peace, justice, respect and tolerance." Extremism>>>

Save The Hejaz Movement Help stop the destruction of Islamic Heritage in Saudi Arabia.

My First Year as a Muslim, Ten Years Later: The failure of Muslim-American leadership by
Jeremiah D. McAuliffe, Jr., Ph.D.

Little Mosque on The Prairie Popular Hit New TV Series! New Canadian Muslim sitcom called "Little Mosque on The Prairie".  New Episodes>>>

Muslim Salafi Website The Salafi community of Ogden's official website.  Launch>>>


Muslim Shia Chant In honor of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (Prophet Muhammad's Grandson) here are Shia related links to music honoring his sacrifice in defense of Islam:

Chants>>> | Live TV>>>


Muslim Sufi Music Here is a great website to listen/download many beautiful Islamic/Sufi Nasheeds in praise of Allah, The Prophet, etc. Islamic Music>>>


Understanding Sufism by Shaykh Nu Ha Mim Keller (69 min.) mp3 audio.  Listen:  Download mp3

America's Leading Islamic Scholar - Imam Hamza Yusuf Hanson Speaking on Sufism 1/31/07 Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, who was chosen as the advisor to the President of the USA has written about and talked about Sufism for a long time, please read the article here: Tasawwuf / Sufism in Islam by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf.  You can visit the Shaykh's website at  Here is an exerpt of the article: "They have been the strictest adherents to the sacred law, but they have a wonderful principle: that is be hard on yourself and be gentle with other people. Unfortunately, the disease of this age amongst many Muslims is be easy on yourself and be hard on everybody else. So I think this is where the real crises of rejecting Sufism as one third of Islam has had really devastating results in much of the modern Islamic phenomenon. {Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq] said 'this is because no servant is free of fault unless he is granted infallibility or protection by God."

Sufism In Islam 1/27/07 "The traditional Sufi orders emphasize the role of Sufism within Islam. Therefore, the Sharia (traditional Islamic law) and the Sunnah (customs of the Prophet) are seen as crucial for any Sufi aspirant. Among the oldest and most well known of the Sufi orders are the Qadiri, Chisti, Oveyssi, Shadhili, Jerrahi, Naqshbandi,Naqshbandia Owaisiah, Nimatullahi and Mevlevi. One proof traditional orders assert is that almost all the famous Sufi masters of the Islamic Caliphate times were also experts in Sharia and were renowned as people with great Iman (faith) and excellent practice. Many were also Qadis (Sharia law judges) in courts. They held that Sufism was never distinct from Islam and to fully comprehend and live correct with Sufism one must be a practicing Muslim obeying the Sharia." -Wikipedia  Sufism in Islam has traditionally been the bridge between Sunni, Sufi, Non-Sectarian Muslims as well as Jews and Christians.  It focuses on the fitrah (nature) of all people who in Islamic theology are born Muslims or submitters to the one God.  Sufism without Islam and Islam without Sufism is not real Islam or Sufism.  Sufism is the mystical aspect of Islam that has been taught by the Prophet (pbuh) himself.