Meeting Results Nadeem Ahmed, President of The ISGSL & Bobby Darvish, President of MFU 

  1. Build ISGSL website.
  2. When making announcements to the community, mentioning the further information they can read on the MFU website for current events/activities/projects within the whole community that includes the MFU, ISGSL, and AIC.
  3. Community donation for website project (Labor/Domain/Hosting/Video/photo camera-6 Mega Pixel).
  4. MFU recognized by ISGSL as an organization that is in good standing.
  5. MFU recognized for having the best website/online presence in the community.
  6. MFU Office in the new building being built by the ISGSL. (Soldarity through independent organizations.)
  7. Working together to make the SLAM FESTIVAL better each year.
  8. MFU & Brian Vikander to work with community for 6 month project that will be a full article about Utah's Muslim Community in the Saudi Aramco World Magazine.
  9. MFU & Bridges TV to work with community to do documentary about Utah's Muslim Community. 




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