The staff of the MFU along with the rest of the Muslim community in Utah will be submitting reviews and recommendations for the various Muslim Restaurants, Businesses, Events and Organizations in the Utah region in order to provide quality information for your convenience.  If you have praises or gripes regarding various Muslim related services that are provided in the Utah region, please feel free to submit your review to info@muslim-forum.org. Quality Assurance at it's best!  We will also include non-Muslim businesses that provide Halal food as well.  Reviews are meant as constructive criticism, also what should be noted is that all reviews are opinions of individuals, so one persons experience could be different than the next.  [All reviews will be up for re-evaluation yearly, if not updated sooner]

ZPoor ZZAcceptable ZZZGood ZZZZGreat ZZZZZExcellent (Recommended)

Cafe Med ZZZZ 6/16/06 - The only other restaurant that could match it may be The House of Kabob downtown.  It has great Middle Eastern, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, food.  However, The Halal meat selection is limited to two dishes, which are the lamb shank and the chicken kabob, which you have to ask before hand if they have the "Halal Chicken or Lamb".  The chicken is grilled chicken, however you can ask to have it turned into a Shish Kabob. 

Cafe on Main ZZZZ 6/16/06 - One of the best Bosnian restaurants around, the location is not bad, however it is more of a casual dining experience.  You get lots of food for a great price!  Up until recently they allowed smoking in the establishment, however due to new laws that has been removed and it is a much more pleasant atmosphere.

House of Kabob ZZZZZ 6/16/06 - One of the best and classiest Kabob establishments in Utah, only Cafe Med may possibly give them a run for their money.  They have given verbal assurance that all their meat is Halal. I fully recommend it, except for late nights on Friday or Saturday when the bar/club upstairs is open, which people come to dance and drink alcohol.  The traffic and sounds from the upstairs club can be an annoyance, otherwise it is probably the number one place to go downtown.

Cloud 9 ZZZZZ 7/12/05 - The best Moroccan cuisine you can get in Utah!  Excellent food and customer service.  I would recommend the Bastilla to begin with followed by either the Kababs or Cous Cous.  The most beautiful atmosphere I have seen in a Muslim owned restaurant in SLC thus far, except maybe for Thai Spice.  If you would like to get a taste of what it was like in Al-Andalus (Muslim Spain/Andalusia, Spain) you can start off with the honeyed lamb!

Desi Market ZZZZZ 4/21/05 - Halal Restuarant located off of 21st South, near Khadeeja Islamic Center.  Excellent food and customer service.  I would recommend the Gyro's and Chicken Kabab combos.  Prices are reasonable and well worth it.  For those who would like to have the option between spicy and regular food, this would be the place.  The non-Indo-Pak foods on the menu are not spicy, so you do not need to mention it while ordering.  Howver, if you do like it spicy, they have that as well.

Qaderi Chaat House ZZZZZ4/20/05 - Halal Restuarant located on Redwood Rd., which has a sister store right next to it called Qaderi's Sweetz and Spicez.  Excellent food and customer service.  Prices for dishes vary on the time of day you visit.  Before 3pm combo dishes are $3.99 and after for dinner time are around $5.99-$6.99.  Personally I would recommend the Seekh Kabab or the Chicken Kabab or possibly the Hamburger.  If you are not into spicy Indo-Pak food, I would recommend to mention it while ordering.  They are always happy to tone down the spice for you. 

Curry In a Hurry ZZ(downtown)ZZZ(midtown) 3/30/05  - has two locations in Salt Lake City, Utah.  They are of course a Halal establishment.  One is in the Murray Area and the other is downtown.  Originally one of the first Halal Restaurants to provide for the Muslim community, they had excellent customer service.  However, in the past few years things have been in decline due to new management.  The downtown location lacks the customer service you would expect from a Muslim Halal establishment. You feel as if you are an annoyance rather than a customer.  If you are going to order food, do not order everybody's favorite "The Tandoori Chicken Wrap" because they never have it in stock and as I was told last time I was there "Infact we are taking it off the menu!".  When I asked them why they wanted to remove such a popular item which is my favorite by far!  The reply I received was less than cordial...I was told "Just Because".  Now, going back to the Murray location, even though the service is not as great as let's say Qaderi's Chaat House located on Redwood road, they are much better than the downtown location!  I hope that the downtown location can get it's act together and improve on their customer service skills and not take off popular menu items that actually keep most businesses afloat.

Thai Spice Restaurant ZZZZZ 2/28/05 - is a restaurant located on Ft. Union Blvd in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It is one of the best restaurants I have been to in my life! It has the best Thai food that I have tasted.  It is almost magical how tasty their Curry's and Egg rolls are!  I fully recommend anybody that wants to have an experience of a lifetime to go to Thai Spice and taste the best Halal Thai food in Utah!