Dear Festival Supporters with Discriminating Taste -

Thanks (hopefully once again) for supporting this years SLAM Festival.  We have thrived primarily because of your loyal support.  On August, 28, 2005, we look forward to introducing you to an exciting array of artists and speakers.

As we complete our 3rd year, this message marks a landmark for our growing Festival.  During the past years, our mission was to bring only the best of the best in cultural expression.  As always, the Festival is Free to the public with performances from a number of accomplished artists from our community.

The wonderful SLAM Festival preserved here in Salt Lake City is an event that has been sorely needed in the global landscape of distrust among human beings.  Folks (hopefully like you), who have become regulars at the event, and those of you who plan on attending this years Festival will help develop a continuing tradition to promote diversity.  Your support helps fuel our environment where the pursuit of pure and honest interaction among people of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are deeply valued and recognized.

If you have been to our previous Festivals, and would like to invite others out to the event, you already know that we believe WORD OF MOUTH is the most powerful form of marketing.  Accordingly, if you like what you see on our pictures from 2003 and 2004.  PLEASE DON'T MISS SLAM FESTIVAL 2005!

Thanks again !!!!!!  Please help spread the word !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Your friends

SLAM Festival Family


The festival celebrates the American ideals of diversity, inclusion, and tolerance by presenting the most diverse set of talented high class cultural performers and vendors. The festival is first and foremost a free fun family low cost celebration with Islamic values in mind such as availability of ‘halal’ food and an alcohol free environment where Muslims can meet each other and the community at large.

Guest Speakers

Governor Jon Huntsman Jr.
Salt Lake City Mayor Ross Anderson
Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Caroon


Free Admission
Film Festival
Media Forum
Sunday Street Parking

World Class Entertainment

Vietnamese Dragon Dance

Tibetan Roof of the World Dance
Dances of Central Asia by Eastern Arts
Bien Flamenco
Lost Boys of Sudan
Central American ACELA Dancers
Aag Pakistani Group
Royal Heritage Ensemble

Supported by

The Muslim Forum of Utah
Utah Arts Council
SLC Arts Council
SLC Public Library Downtown
SLC Film Center

Info and Vendor Contact: 801-671-6709, (

For information regarding The Muslim Forum of Utah, which promotes Education, Civil Rights, Social Work and Interfaith activities, you can contact the President of The Muslim Forum of Utah: Bobby Darvish at 801-859-3769 or email him at The Mailing address for the MFU is 2130 Pinnacle Terrace Way 205, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84121.

Official Website of the SLAM Festival Organizer (Under Construction, temporary site up)


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