Khosrow Bayegan Semnani: Lifetime Achievement Recognition

Khosrow Bayegan Semnani has been an outstanding and successful member of the Iranian-American and Muslim community in Utah.  We at The Muslim Forum of Utah would like to address his lifetime achievement recognition, which he deserves for all of his success in business and work in philanthropic causes.  He is a role model to those who come from other countries and those who are from Iranian and/or Muslim heritages.  He has inspired many people in the Iranian and Muslim community to strive for success.  He has proved that the American Dream is possible if we work hard enough and smart enough towards it.

“Khosrow Bayegan Semnani was born in Mashad, Iran in 1947.  He completed his elementary and high school education in Iran and later studied English in England.  Mr.Semnani received a Bachelor of Science Degree in chemistry and physics from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1972.  He then continued his education at the University of Utah where he received a Masters of Engineering Administration degree in 1977.  Mr. Semnani was later employed in the copper mining and the electric/chemical industry for several years.”

“In 1980 he formed S.K.Hart Engineering providing consulting services in the environmental protection industry. During the period of 1984 through 1987 he was involved in residential and commercial land development and other real estate activities. In 1987 he founded and operated Envirocare of Utah, which he sold to a New York firm and a Utah local businessman.  It is now called “Energy Solutions” as in the newly renamed Delta Center, which is called “The Energy Solutions Arena”.  Semnani has been involved in various charitable activities for many years and has founded the Semnani Foundation to facilitate his philanthropic work. This foundation has been involved in supporting many Iranian causes and cultural and religious programs, including the Khadeeja Islamic Center in West Valley City, Utah.  He is also working with programs worldwide to benefit several women and children’s’ organizations.”  Some say that he is the wealthiest Non-LDS person in the state of Utah Mormons and Muslims have a lot of similarities, especially in regards to morals, values, and emphasis on business and industry.

One of Mr. Semnani’s most recent endeavors was to help create and fund the Maliheh Free Clinic, which is a free medical clinic providing free healthcare to Utah residents.  The clinic is named after Mr. Semnani’s Mother, who he loved very much.  Maliheh is a Persian and/or Arabic name which means “Beautiful”.  Her picture is displayed in the lobby as you walk into the clinic.  The clinic’s director is Dr. Mansoor Emam, who is a long time resident of Salt Lake City and is a well known Iranian-American Muslim.  Of course there are a multitude of Non-Muslims who have and are helping out with the leadership and operation of the clinic as well.  This joint effort is a perfect example of how Muslims and Non-Muslims and/or Iranians and Americans can work together to create a better future for everybody.

“Mr.Khosrow Semnani, has been a 30-year resident of Utah. He and his wife Ghazaleh and their three sons, Taymour, Rodmeher, and Jahangere take special pride in their Iranian heritage and have tried to be spokesmen and advocates of the loving, intelligent and kind people of Iran. He has been a generous trustee of the Encyclopedia Iranica Foundation for the past eight years and it’s Vice-Chairman since 1998.” 

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